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Be part of changing world, and develop DeFi industries with Polish validator node.

Our Mission



We believe in DeFI. Soon, each new project in which there is an exchange of money or other assets will be based on Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Project developers will choose the efficient, secure, and easy-to-use Layer 1 protocols. Radix will be one of these protocols. We think so, because, after more than a year of looking at the possibilities and development of available Layer 1 protocols, only Radix is designed from the beginning for this future world. A world based on DeFI.

As an IT company with more than 20 years of experience building software for the Financial, Corporate, Sports and Public sectors, we want to be part of that new world. That is why we are investing time and money to be ready for the future of finance.


Decentralisation of  the Radix Network is the important aspect of security. We wanted to create Polish Node of the Network to add geographical decentralisation. The node is deployed on the Polish Secure Cloud provider OKTAWAVE.


We believe in Radix and we want to help others to learn and understand the future of finance. That is why we are going to spread the knowledge about DeFi and Radix. Every new person investing time  or money in Radix will help to secure and develop the Network.


Comming soon

Semptember 2022


B4radix brought their passion for crypto and the DeFi community to new heights as they join Radix DLT as a validator.

January 2023

Top 100

B4radix feat a position among the top 100 validators of Radix DLT. As a validator, B4radix plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and security of the Radix blockchain, contributing to the growth and success of this innovative distributed ledger technology.

June 2023

Rzeźnik NFT’s

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Rzeźnik NFTs, a groundbreaking collection of digital art. Rzeźnik NFTs are the brainchild of a visionary group of artists, designers, and technologists who have come together to expand the way we experience the run races.

October 2023


The Radix DLT project enters the Babylon phase – self-incentivizing DeFi ecosystem with Scrypto „component” smart contracts running on-network, decentralized Royalty System, and on-network Blueprint Catalogue. Our validator has successfully undergone migration and is currently operating in the Babylon realm.


Coming 2024

The Amber

In early 2024 B4radix is launching a new token project for validator stackers. Tokens will allow you to keep every memory in social media in the form of amber.

Road Map

Earning  by staking XRD


Staking cryptocurrency allows you to make money when you keep coins or tokens in your wallet. Prizes for minting new coins are awarded among those who bet the funds in proportion to their share size.

How to start?

Download Radix wallet

Setup wallet

Start stake

Specify the validator’s address and the stake amount. Enter your pin code to start staking.

Click to Copy B4radix address.

Choose Polish Validator Node


Validators are crucial parts of the Radix network’s architecture. More validators and decentralisation is a key to security. We want to add geographical decentralisation by creating Polish Node. 

Click to Copy address


What is Radix?

Radix is the first decentralised network where developers can create swiftly without worrying about exploits and hacks, and where scalability is never a bottleneck.

What does cryptocurrency staking mean?

Staking cryptocurrency is the practice of committing your crypto assets to the support of a network and the confirmation of transactions. Staking may be a terrific method to use your cryptocurrency to produce passive income, especially because certain cryptocurrencies offer high staking interest rates.

Is B4Radix trustworthy?

We have been creating systems for traditional financial institutions for years we know how security is crucial.

We are constantly investing both financially and time to strengthen our infrastructure and make our network resilient to downtime.

How to earn on staking Radix?

Anyone possessing XRD tokens on the Radix network can stake and earn emission rewards. Unlike many blockchain networks, where the majority of rewards are held for a small group of miners on Radix, payouts to individual XRD stakers are the primary motivation. There is no need to host a physical node.

Radix now allows you to earn money by using the top 100 validators. Radix will remove the blockade in future releases, and you will be able to earn regardless of whatever validator you use.

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